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Recently, Google has rolled out their much-awaited Link Spam Update and people are talking about it quite a lot. And interestingly, Danny Sullivan of Google said, it is officially deployed now. Here’s what you need to know about the Google Link Spam Update and how it can help get rid of spammy links. Let’s read on…

What is Link SpamLink spamming is all about incorporating or posting more and more links into your website so that you can increase the extent of external backlinks to a specific page of your website irrespective of the quality of the link or page, the context of the post, or whichever link-building practices are established. The Link Spam Google algorithm update aims to take the SERP position of your webpages to the next level while keeping the spammy sites at bay. This google core algorithm update is a key parameter of high-authority link building in the future. So what did Google say about this link spam update?

“In our continued efforts to improve the quality of the search results, we’re launching a new link spam-fighting change today — which we call the ‘link spam update.’ This algorithm update, which will roll out across the next two weeks, is even more effective at identifying and nullifying link spam more broadly, across multiple languages. Sites taking part in link spam will see changes in Search as those links are re-assessed by our algorithms,” Google wrote.

Google Link Spam UpdateOut of all the potential Google search engine updates that came up in the recent past, the Google’s Link Spam Update is one of the most crucial Google updates of 2021. It is having a remarkable impact on the digital world. Many people have been scratching their heads for a long time thinking that the Google Link Spam Update has been launched to penalize such online businesses that use guest posts. But it is not true. Rather, the main objective is to cut down the continuously increasing number of spam content on the internet. Google has clearly said this and declared that they want to get rid of the impact of such links that they think are spam.  In the end, this important update by Google should be able to improve the quality of the SEO guideline and nevertheless, the primary types of SEO Link Building strategies.  When Google’s Link Spam Update came into existence, they specially nullified such links that are meant for monetizing a website; for example, affiliate links. Initially, the digital marketers got scared about this, even those who are more into white hat link building (there was an unknown psychological pressure of getting penalized suddenly!). But Google explained it well that those who are creating high-quality and informative content and links, will not be disturbed at all. Then there was a sigh of relief. In the Google’s Link Spam Update announcement, Google has also explained the fact that the typical scenario now is not like monetization is completely banned. Understanding the importance of backlinks in SEO, Google decided that the affiliate websites which are creating premium quality content that is informative and educative, are free to make a commission from their sales. In this scenario, the Google Link Spam Update doesn’t turn out to be a hassle for affiliate marketers because they usually don’t expect do-follow links while link building. Rather, all that they care about is if they are getting paid from the click. The affiliate marketers sometimes call for guest posts as well but mostly they look for commercial or promotional posts. In the marketing world, when a post like this is created that specifically aims to sell a product or service, we call it an advertorial. In the Google Link Spam Update, while mentioning guest posts, Google said that they encourage guest posts when the articles are informative, educative, and meaningful. The true affiliate marketers know very well how many types of link building are there and they always stick to the authentic ones. So, when it comes to them, the Google Link Spam Update is not supposed to work against them. 

Google Link Spam UpdateGoogle indeed came up with different link-building-specific updates in the past but they have been very strict for the users. Who doesn’t know about the infamous Penguin Update? We all know the infamous penalizing feature of it!But the Google Link Spam Update is not like that. It doesn’t penalize websites but what it does is that it doesn’t encourage some websites to build bad-quality backlinks. In fact, with the Google Link Spam Update, the biggest search engine of all time is trying to establish a thin line of difference between low-quality promotional links and promotional links to informative and well-researched content.So, if you are a link builder who has been building a lot of links in bulk that are too promotional, you should not do it anymore. So, as an SEO optimizer and an online marketer, you should rather opt for white hat link building and outreach manually to gain maximum backlinks from quality websites. Moreover, you should go for informative content that doesn’t look too promotional. Doing this will save your online identity from this update.

Can You Continue with Your Guest Post Strategy?

Guest Post StrategyThe Google Link Spam Update has brought up the question in the minds of most digital marketers, will guest posting strategy produce results anymore? Well, the answer is yes! This update is not at all about penalizing the practice of guest posting. Rather, it’s all about not allowing bad-quality links that are highly promoted and extremely spammy. This will help websites’ SEO to become better than ever before. With Link Publishers, you don’t have to worry about such useless links anymore. We are the best guest post marketplace where you can enjoy our guest post services without any spammy links. You can buy guest posts from us that will be published in only verified websites by us which have a high ranking in Google. So, with our guest posting services, you can be ensured to abide by the Google’s Link Spam Update. Moreover, Link Publishers also have effective content writing services. If you don’t have time or resources, you can get the guest posts created from us as well. All that you need to do is just hire a content writer from our expert content writing team and that’s it! So, you have supposedly got a comprehensive idea about the Google Link Spam Update. Haven’t you?

Read on 

When the objective of the website owners is to consistently establish a link with each other just to generate backlinks. 

Including certain hidden links in the posts that are not visible to anyone but the bots. 

Spam Posting 

Spam Posting is all about black-hat link building. It is when they publish single links in random public platforms, comment sections, or anywhere else. 

Single-Post Blogs 

This is all about including quite a few random links to one blog to improve the number of backlinks. 

Directory Spam

This is all about getting a website enrolled across a lot of RDF Site Summary (RSS) pages or blog feed directories with the aim of link manipulation. So, here the key to saving your website from getting spammed is to get it registered in renowned directories. So, it is clear now that if you are practicing link building to do better in the SERPs, you need to make sure that you are targeting only high-ranked websites. Else, you will fail to impress Google for sure and we all know what could be the consequences of that! The Google Link Spam Update ensures only quality content and no spam at all.  

Google Link Spam UpdateIndeed, the link spam update of Google is not the first or last update coming from the most used search engine. There were many in the past and there will be a lot more coming up in the future but the Google Link Spam Update is certainly one of the crucial ones. Why will it be the winning formula?Well, with the Google’s Link Spam Update, you will be able to reframe your search engine optimization strategy and do nothing but only the right thing to encourage exceptional growth and success. 

Wrapping Up 

The advent of Google Link-Spam Update has got mixed reactions from digital marketers. Though many are not embracing it with open arms, it is the need of the hour to understand the true intention of Google behind launching this update. It is all about establishing quality links and avoiding spammy links; an ideal approach to link buildingIf you haven’t started accepting this update yet, make the right move soon and you will see its striking results in the long run. Happy Quality Link Building!! 

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